Sunday, April 15, 2012

Farewell Discovery.

Shuttle Discovery launch July 4, 2006

Discovery lifting off above Cocoa Beach on July 4, 2006. She will be flying overhead Tuesday morning, April 17, atop a 747 on her way to the Smithsonian. Takeoff from Kennedy at 7 AM and doing a last flyby along the beaches. Don't miss it.


  1. I thought it was Tuesday morning?

  2. CAPE CANAVERAL — Discovery remains on track to leave Kennedy Space Center for good Tuesday morning despite winds delaying the orbiter’s attachment to a carrier aircraft on Saturday.

    Crews plan to lift Discovery onto the 747 jumbo jet today (Sunday).

    "There’s no impact to the scheduled departure on Tuesday," said KSC spokeswoman Tracy Young.

    The ferry flight is expected to take off around 7 a.m. Tuesday on a nonstop trip to Dulles International Airport, near the Smithsonian Institution annex where Discovery will be publicly displayed.