Thursday, April 22, 2010


Crowded south Cocoa Beach on a beautiful April afternoon.


  1. My family loves this place but you Cocoa Beach residents have a real problem. The public beaches on the weekends are really saddening. The picture you are showing here is nice but take a walk on a Saturday or Sunday evening and you will find pop cans, beer cans, plastic cups, forgotten beach toys all over the beach. The garbage cans are overflowing, the beach grasses are full of wind blown wrappers, paper cups, plates, cigarette packages etc. Educate the public on the disaster they are creating!!! Do they know what a beautifulplace they have here? Please don't destroy it! Please don't take the beauty you have for granted.

  2. I feel the same way you do but I think I can safely say that the locals are not the ones trashing our beach that we're so proud of. Take a drive or walk early in the morning in the same areas and you'll see city workers that we pay with our tax dollars cleaning up the trash that visitors leave behind. Beaches and streets the world over are littered with trash because people, unfortunately, are pigs. That beach in the photo, by the way, is never trashed. The reason; no public parking, no visitors, no crowds, residents only.