Saturday, March 27, 2010

Water is warming but still cold

As cold as our water is for this time of year, look at how much colder the coast north of us is. This difference in winter water temps is typical. Daytona Beach is usually colder by 5 to 10 degrees through the colder months and Jacksonville Beach, well, just forget about it. Might as well be in Jersey. Water temp graphic courtesy of Rutgers University Coastal Observation Lab.

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  1. Good evening Larry. I came across your blog looking for info on Cocoa Beach. I'm relocating along with the company that I work for to your area in August.

    We're coming from Newport Beach, CA and are looking for a nice little town that has an artist community, surfing, good food, and of course good friendly people.

    We are in our mid-late 30's and enjoy the ocean and everything that comes with it.

    I'm a long time surfer of 25yrs as are the other few that are coming.

    I'm trying to find a rental (house) with a yard with a couple bedrooms for myself and girlfriend. I assume most places are within walking distance to the beach.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, and to see where we're coming from, I also have a blog that I've been posting surf photos for the past 3 years out here. You can find it at

    Thanks again,