Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas parades

A good time was had by all yesterday at the always eclectic Christmas parade through downtown Cocoa Beach. In addition to the usual high school bands and fire engines, we had the local church rock and roll band on a trailer rocking the crowd along with random vehicles, people walking and the occasional crazy group of Shriners careening about on mini cars and bikes. Somehow the Super and Volcom buses snuck into the mix between the Girl Scouts and a couple of librarians in a Rolls Royce followed by the boys from Virus Busters in their ratty old station wagon. All threw candy to the delight of the kids. The weird times continued last night in the Christmas boat parade through the southern residential canals of Cocoa Beach. The blurry photo at the bottom is from under the 520 bridge before the start as those of us in uncovered boats dodged a rain shower. Probably about 30 highly decorated boats manned by rowdy crews braved the on and off sprinkles to the delight of what appeared to be thousands of residents in the waterfront backyards.

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